The Greater Antilles
Part Six
by Jaded Skywalker

Jaded scanned space ahead of her, she and her wing, Sh'Lara Katal were flying a search mission in the area that they Rogues and the Wraiths had disappeared a week before. She was worried, and had flown almost every search flight trying to find them. She clicked over to her private comm channel, "Two this is lead, you reading anything?" she asked her wingman.

Sh'Lara Katal clicked on her comm, "No lead, I read nothing," she replied, "I'm sorry Jaded," she added quietly.

Jaded clenched her teeth, and looked out the canopy at the stars, "This was their last known coordinates, two, we have to find something here," she told the other woman. Taking deep breaths to calm her breathing, "They can't be gone, they just can't be," she thought to herself. Jaded had been in space for as long as her fighter could handle it, and only come back in to refuel and go back out, she was determined to find her friends. It was because of this sheer exhaustion that she didn't notice the spacial distortion ahead of her.

Sh'Lara had flown every mission with Jaded, and was even more exhausted, not having the Force to draw on. She looked forward out of her canopy just as she and Jaded hit the edge of the distortion. "Jaded pull up there is something there!" she cried, yanking on the stick, and trying to pull the fighter up out of whatever had ahold of her and Jaded.

Jaded jumped at Sh'Lara's cry, and pulled hard on the stick, but the fighter just continued going into the worm hole. Switching over to her emergency channel, "This is Cmdr. Skywalker in Black Fire One, we have a worm hole here, and are being pulled it, please advise that it is possible this is what happened to the Rogues and Wraiths. I don't believe that we are going to be able to pull out of this," she said, her voice calm, "Well Wedge, if this is where you went, looks like I am about to follow," she thought to herself. Just before everything went black.

Sh'Lara woke and looked around the area of space they were in, spotting Jaded's fighter she clicked over to their private frequency, "Jaded it's Sh'Lara, you hear me?" she asked quietly, "Sh'Carr please see if you can get a reading on where we are," she told her R2 unit.

Jaded slowly woke, looking around, she heard Sh'Lara, "Ranger get a reading on our location, and map the quickest route back. Check fuel status, and find us a place to land if need be," she told her astromech. Switching over to Sh'Lara's frequency, she responded, "I'm here Sh'Lara, trying to get a reading on where we are, I'll get back to you in a moment," she said. Switching back to her internal comm, "Ranger, see if you can locate any evidence that Wedge and the others were here," she said, going over the read out, fuel was good, and so was air. Then she saw it, "Sh'Lara, we're going to head for that 3rd planet there, I want to get a closer look, but I have a hunch that is where we will find Wedge and the boys."

"Received Lead, I have your wing," Sh'Lara replied, moving her fighter to it's customary location, and following Jaded in.

Jaded flew in low, and ran a sensor sweep, finally she picked up the residual signature of an X-Wing. Moving in the direction of the signal, she located a clearing that wasn't as clear as it should have been. Maneuvering her fighter, she landed, and watched as Sh'Lara landed hers, nearby. Jaded climbed down and went to her storage compartment, and unloaded her cam netting, and proceeded to cover her fighter, as Sh'Lara worked on her own.

Jaded walked over to the lead fighter sitting in the clearing, and looked under the netting, sure enough it was Wedge's X-Wing, "We found the Sh'lara, now lets see if we can actually locate them," she said, taking off in the direction of the mansion she had seen in the distance. Pulling her comlink out of her pocket, she hit Wedge's private frequency, "Skywalker to Antilles, do you copy?" she said quietly, but only got static. So she continued walking until they reached the mansion. She was confused to see Wedge and the Rogues and the Wraiths standing outside the mansion, looking like they just got there.

Jaded walked up and approached the group of pilots, seeing an unknown woman kissing Wes, she looked up at Wedge and shook her head. "How long have you guys been here?" she asked.

Continued in Part Seven