The Greater Antilles
Part Seven
by Commander Wedge

***Ok, I switched to 3rd person :D*******

Wedge stood on the doorstep, casting glances about his surroundings when the door was flung open and the young lady who answered it immediately fainted, "Yeah, Hobbs, very interesting way of being greeted," Wedge said looking down at her curiously. "Uhm, why don't you see if you can help her." Hobbie stepped over to the girl and knelt down; Wedge in the mean time looked at his milling pilots, "Janson," he yelled seeing Wes in the arms of a strange woman, "Put that young lady down. Now!" he ordered his friend and bodyguard.

As Wedge waited for Hobbie to bring young girl around, Emote, who was perched on his back, tapped him on the shoulder then entwined his paws in his hair so he could turn Wedge's head, "Have people come. Know people. Wedge look." Surprise filled his dark eyes at seeing Jaded and her wingman walk up to the group, "Ahh, by here do you mean here, or here here," he stuttered to her.

Continued in Part Eight