The Greater Antilles
Part Forty-Three
by Paula

Ton untangled himself and stood up at Claire's announcement. Face let go of me and Piggy withdrew his hand. I simply tried to regain the breath I had lost at Phanan's little gymnastics routine.

I looked up at a crowd that had gone silent all of a sudden. "Claire, there's no such thing as dinosaurs anymore." Mish said and promptly broke into the Jurassic Park theme song.

I started to snicker slightly until I heard the fork on my plate clatter.

I sobered up very quickly.

"But according to the Alternate Reality theory," Claire said, "They could be here!"

"Yeah," Kat said. "Remember that episode of SG-1 where Danny goes to the Alternate Earth?"

"I remember, I remember." Mish replied, knitting her eyebrows together in thought.

Then the floor bounced and I nearly toppled out of my seat. I say nearly because Ton's thigh was there to catch me.

Mish swore. "I suppose you want me to go out and kill it?"

Claire nodded and there was a general agreement among everyone present.

Mish threw up her hands and stalked towards the door, muttering about how unappreciated she was.

The room stayed silent while she was gone. Arwen walked in. "What was that noise and what was Mish muttering about?"

Claire told her and Arwen, too, sobered up.

She was quickly followed by Nawara. Still slightly damp, but I was too scared to apreciate it. He didn't say anything, simply taking the seat Ton had vacated in order to look out of the window.

Soon, it began to rain and lightning lit up the windows as the thumps drew closer and closer.

Kell broke the silence first. "Maybe someone should go out there after her."

Anti raised an eyebrow. "You volunteering?"

Before Kell could reply, however, Mish's voice came through the ever heavier pitter-patter. "Hey everyone! Come and have a look at what I just found outside! And no, Claire, it's not a T-Rex."

There was a scrape of chairs as everyone stood up and headed out aprehensively. I felt Nawara's hand on my shoulder, propelling me forwards. Having regained my confidence with Mish's yell, I turned to him. "A little scared, Counselor?"

Nawara grinned slightly, exposing his teeth before turning the puppy-dog look on me. "I'll make it up to you," he said.

I raised an eyebrow. We were now the only people still in the house, the rest having left to look at whatever the hell that thumping had been. "And what is this making up to include, pray?"

Nawara gave me a cool lawyer's smile. "We'll just leave that up to you, now won't we."

"Now, Counselor, if I did not know you better, I would assume that you were presenting me with some kind of forward invitation."

He placed his hands on my waist and spun me towards the door, placing his chin on my shoulder. "Let's go see what that is outside."

I smiled and patted the top of his head. We walked towards the door in that rather odd, but very sensual position. This is stranger than even Aggy's little Wes moment.

That thought gave me an idea. I turned my head towards him and kissed his cheek. A bit less spontaneous than the last time. And this time neither of us jumped in surprise. "Welcome to Earth," I whispered.

I felt him kiss the hollow of my neck. "Glad to have arrived."

I started to move forward, but the hands still around my waist prevented me from going very far. He spun me around to face him. "I have never done what I'm about to do," he said softly.

"Kiss a girl?" I teased. I couldn't resist it--too easy.

"Kiss a girl I've only just met."


He pulled me into one of the house's many sitting rooms and behind a set of drapes. He looked down at me, his eyes almost fiery in the dim light from the rain. He leaned down--I'm only about 1.5 meters tall--and paused barely a centimeter from my mouth; it was his way of saying that he'd meet me half way.

Of course, I closed that gap very quickly.

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