The Greater Antilles
Part Forty-Four
by Leda "Jaded" Skywalker

I lay my head against Wedge's shoulder as he picks me up and carries me back to the mansion. I am soaked through, and shivering in the chill that the thunderstorm carried through with it. He carries me into the 'fresher, and sets me down, beginning to run a warm bath. I stand there shivering, as he removes my flight suit, and leads me over to the bath, I have no clue as to what has come over me. I am exhausted, too long in the cockpit of my X-Wing looking for him, too much worry over him, too much worry over other things. I sit and soak in the water, letting the heat sooth and relax me, glancing up only when he comes in with towels and my clothes.

Finally feeling warm again, I get up out of the water, and grab one of the towels and dry off, quickly dressing, I walk over to the mirror and lightly run a comb through hair, deciding to let it dry before putting it back up in it's customary braid.

Wedge walks in the 'fresher, standing there for a moment. "Come on," he whispers to me, "I have something else for you." He leads me into the bedroom and has me sit on the edge of the bed; water is boiling over the fireplace and he pours it into mugs to which he adds a generous amount of whiskey. He sits down on the bed next to me handing me a mug and wrapping an arm around me, pulling me close and kissing me gently.

Sighing softly, I press into his kiss, his nearness warming me more than the bath, or the fire. I slide my free hand around his neck and hold him close to me, savoring the taste and feel of him. Finally after long moments I pull back, smiling softly at him. Taking a sip of the contents of the mug, I am surprised to find the hot chocolate that Luke so loves, though laced liberally with Whyren's.

I watch Wedge sitting there sipping on his cup of hot chocolate. Taking another drink from the mug, I sit it down on the table next to the bed, and move closer within the circle of his arms, laying my head against his shoulder. Quietly beginning to relax in his nearness. Looking at him, I reach out and with my fingertips lightly caress his cheek, trailing my fingers down along the line of his jaw. "Thank you," I whisper to him, leaning in and brushing a soft kiss across his lips.

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