The Greater Antilles
Part Forty-Nine
by Paula

I put up with the cold of the window on my back for what I think was an admirably long time. Of course, the real reason I pulled away first was lack of oxygen, the fact that I couldn't feel my back came in second. I naturally had more on my mind than whether or not the window was cold.

I felt Nawara's hand lax around my waist. "You okay?" he asked, his voice huskier than it had been before.

I smiled at him and stroked one of his lekku. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. My smile became wider as I saw his reaction. "Just catching my breath."

As a response, Nawara took another shuddering breath and opened his eyes. "That was amazing." He leaned into kiss me again.

"We didn't do much."

He paused and grinned a little, tangling his long fingers in my hair which had come undone (again!). "You say that as if you're expecting there to be a later."

I kissed the side of his face and stroked the lekku again. "Aren't you?"

"I didn't want to seem too forward."

"Of course not."

He leaned in to kiss me again, pushing me gently back against the window.

"Uh uh."

He paused, caught off guard. "Hmmm?"

I grinned and kissed him on the mouth, turning us both around so that he ended up against the window. This led to another pause before another break for air.

"Your turn against the window," I said, laughing. "And that flight suit's insulated. It should have been you there in the first place."

He smiled and stroked the side of my face. "Well if you were wearing more than this skimpy little thing..." he teased and plucked at the strap of my tanktop, " wouldn't have been so cold." He allowed his lekku to drape over my back, warming it up a little.

I placed my head on his shoulder and took in his smell. Rich and spicy, so different than a human. He kissed differently, too. Where a human would have held back, Nawara wandered. I liked it. A lot. I wonder what else he does differently? No, bad thought, not now, maybe later. What in the sith is wrong with me?

But, for the next minute or so, we just stayed in that position. I felt my back slowly warm up again. Before long, I distinguished shapes through the constant and heavy tropical rain. There was a big dark spot outside of the door with smaller shifting figures gathered around it. Wonder what that is. The big thumping thing, probably. Still, I don't want to move to go find out.

I felt Nawara's lips on my neck, kissing the area where it joined my shoulder. Now it was my turn to close my eyes and try to take a deep breath.

When I opened them again in what seemed like an hour, but was probably only a minute, I heard a supressed peal of laughter and a body catapulting off of the stairs into the mud. The figure stood up and from the red sari, I recognized Feni. "How very much like Wes," I said softly.

I felt Nawara laugh slightly against my neck.

"He just pushed Feni, you know, the dark-haired girl who had the sense to get the smelling salts, into the mud. Corran should come up behind him and send him in after her. That would be funny."

I kissed his cheek and looked back outside. "Is that Han Solo? This is turning into quite the party."

Nawara lifted his face from my neck and turned so that he too was looking out. "That is General Solo. Who's that girl in the sparkly clothes he's arguing with?"

I knit my eyebrows together. "Don't know, really."

Nawara laughed again. "Well, it looks like he's getting a run for his credits with her."

"Probably." I made out Claire, Mish, Kat, Anti, Face, Ton and Runt all standing under the awning. "Ready to rejoin the crowd?"

He turned his back to the window and smiled at me. Leaning in, his voice regained that husky tone it had had before. "In a minute."

I didn't object in the least.

Continued in 50