The Greater Antilles
Part Fifty
by Nige

Wes hadn't exactly been expecting the mud ball, but he felt it when it arrived, thrown by Feni. He hadn't exactly been expecting the next shove from behind, coming from Corran. He flew into the mud, landing next to where Feni had been, a new chorus of laughter raising from the crowd. This time, however, Corran had been quicker and even offered Wes his hand. Wes grinned, tried to pull Corran in, but his hand, slick from the mud pulled free. Corran rolled his eyes and retook Wes' hand, pulling him to his feet. "Fair's fair, I suppose," Wes said, wiping some of the mud from his eyes.

Together, the two Rogues retook their position on the veranda with Feni's honor restored. Corran leaned in close to whisper to Feni, the rain covering his voice, he felt her mental turmoil radiating like a solar flare through the Force, though how the Force managed to be here, he didn't know and pushed that thought aside. "Feni, I can tell that the meaning of WAAS wasn't supposed to be known by me just yet, and I'll keep quiet. About everything. Trust me, all right?"

Feni knew she could trust the word of a CorSec agent, especially one as cute. She nodded, saying "Thanks, Corran." He took her hand, his curiosity now genuinely piqued by the monstrous fraudulent dinosaur, and led her to it, looking at it through the rain under the porch lights. The rain slicked over them both, but as long as they kept moving around it, looking for anything, they stayed warm. "Feni, what did you mean by a Trojan T-Rex?"

"There's a myth from long ago, from a place not far from where my ancestors lived. There was a war over a woman, and the invading army, led by a brilliant general built a horse. Horses were the only weakness of the enemy that had the woman--the Trojans. The horse was big enough to fit an army in, and when the Trojans brought the horse in, the invaders waited until nightfall and crept out and slay all of the Trojans. The horse was dubbed the Trojan Horse, and the title is used for anything that's a ruse so sweet it draws the enemy into your hands. The purpose of this, I do not know, nor who built it."

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