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Round Robin
Part Twenty-One
by Banshee

"Why me?" I moaned to myself. I had been looking forward to this trip ever since it was announced. But my boss had other plans, giving me all the last-minute tax returns that had come in. I managed to convince him that I would have them done by the time I returned so I copied the files I would need onto my trusty laptop and headed to the airport just in time to miss my flight.

Luckily, my trusty flight instructor, Chris, was qualified to fly shuttles. So, after a little convincing and reminding him where I was headed (since he is Civil Air Patrol, he was easily bribed), we managed to commandeered a vessel capable of getting us to Coruscant just in time for the WAAS Reception.

After making arrangements for our ship to be hangered and refueled, ready for the return trip to Earth, we made our way through customs. By this time, we both need to take 'fresher breaks.

I came out of the 'fresher to find Chris had been cloned. What the-? I knew I wasn't that tired from the trip.

Chris smirked at my obvious confusion, "Gwen, I would like you to meet Pash Cracken. Pash, Gwen. He was sent to greet us... or rather, you."

"Well, you arrived just in time. Shall we go?" Pash grinned infectiously as he hearded us toward the exit.

This is going to be real confusing... for me and the WAASers, I groaned to myself.

A/N: Chris is actually a combination of both of my primary flight instructors. One of them is CAP & a big Rogue fan and the other really does look like Pash. :)

Continued in 22