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Round Robin
Part Thirty
by Aggy

I finally got tired of people oggling my 'car and Wes not being around to oggle me while I was leaning against the car contemplating mayhem against the next being that tried to touch my Speedster.

Sighing, I tried to call Rish again, but there was no answer. //Fine, one more run through the space port and then I'm heading for HQ. If I don't find Wes, he can find his own way home!//

My trip through the bustling crowds did NOT improve my mood. The port was loud, hot, over-crowded and completely Wes-free. I felt a few hands brush against my pockets, but I knew that game rather well. After all, I'd played it long ago. After catching the pick- pockets in the act, I gave them a stern lecture on what they were doing wrong, how to improve their skills then left them with a warning that if they EVER tried such imperfect technique on me again, I'd maim them.

Figuring my community service for the day was finished, I headed back to the car....

To find Wes sitting impatiently in the front seat. "Where have you been?" he groused as he popped open my door.

"Looking for you!" I countered, sliding into the driver's seat.

"And I have been looking for you!" His lips twitched as he tried to look annoyed. I leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss.

"Whatever. We're running late and it's YOUR fault."

He leaned back in his seat and sighed dramatically. "You just love saying that don't you?"

"Oh yeah. Us being late because of you is such a rarity."

We slid through traffic, continuing our mock arguement. "If you weren't so addicted to shopping, Sel, we wouldn't be late so often."

"You never complain about the effect those clothes produce!" I arched a brow and snapped the 'car out of a slow lane of traffic. Wes winced and I grinned. "Don't worry, Love, I'll get us to the reception safe and sound."

"More like you won't risk your precious Speedster."

"That too," I quipped, cutting across another lane of traffic and dodging a few slow aircars.

I glanced at him and grinned. Gods I loved driving the Speedster. It was ALMOST better than stealing. " you think Wedge will kill us for being late?"

Wes gave me a wicked look, which I tried to ignore so I could focus on traffic. "Well...if he's going to kill us for being late, we might as well do something we'll enjoy before he gets ahold of us. Just so we can die happy."

What a wonderful idea...I just LOVE how that man thinks!

Continued in 31