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Round Robin
Part Five
by Verlaine

On a shuttle, the previous day...

Earth--Terra, the woman reminded herself--could get boring, especially in rainy weather, she thought. After all, most of the planet's beauty existed in nature, and who wants to go outside in the rain?

She wouldn't have to deal with cold, rainy days this week, though, and for that she was more than glad. This week, she would be on Coruscant, finally meeting the man of her dreams. She drew a clipping from a newspaper out of her pocket. It was a picture of a man with blonde hair in a white uniform shaking the hand of the President of the United States of America.

Tycho Celchu.

She had lost too many nights of sleep to dreams of being in his company, and now she was on her way to making those dreams come true.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please gather your things. The shuttle will be landing in approximately fifteen minutes." The voice jolted her out of her reverie, and she drew her passport and travel documents out of her handbag.

The shuttle landed fairly smoothly, and she disembarked to find a man waiting for her. 'Verlaine Askaravi,' the card in his hands read. She silently praised the powers that be that the sign was in English. She had meant to study her Aurebesh syllabery on the flight, but a much-needed nap had taken precedence.

"Hello," she said to the young man.

"And to you. I'm Jevir, and I've been sent to pick you up. Have you any more luggage?"

"No, Jevir, just this," she replied, indicating the heavy bag on her shoulder.

"Let me take that," he said, and taking it firmly in hand, he led her to the aircar that waited outside the large, bustling shuttleport.

'This could be home,' Verlaine thought to herself.

Continued in Part 6