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Round Robin
Part Six
by Nigel

Several days prior to the arrival of the first group of WAASers to Coruscant...

"Hey, whaddya mean you haven't got any rooms?" I raised my voice threateningly to the night clerk. My first communication to the hotel where the WAASers were scheduled to meet in several days said that they had rooms available now. Well, I was here early and I wanted a room now. Of course, I didn't have anything to back me up other than a 30 kilo suitcase thanks to dear old mum.

"Have your central neural connections failed you, or have you gone stupid? You answered your own questions. We have no rooms available." The night clerk fibbered and gibbered his/her/its mouth tentacles in an exasperated sigh.

"What about the rooms you're reserving for the Wedge Antilles Admiration Society?"

"We are reserving no such rooms." I gave him a frustrated, 'well, gee, I feel like I'm debating a moot point' look. I bit my lip as I usually do when upset or in thought.

"This is the, uh... " I checked my map and my directions. Both appeared to coincide. "Coruscant Mid-Level SkyLight, isn't it?" Names can be so deceiving, but if you ever see the words 'Coruscant', 'Mid-Level', and 'Sky' together, it's a lie. The only way I knew it was raining outside was by the runoff from the upper levels streaming down to the lower levels.

"There are two such hotels. This is the Coruscant Mid-Level SkyLight number two. Number one is across the way." I looked outside. 50 some odd meters away, staring at me, and what might have taken several hours to haul of my junk the possibly countless kilometers to that distance, was my hotel. I longed for the blessed simplicity of the strip of hotels in Cancun. The humidity and heat didn't bother me after I had enough alcohol. But this, this was ridiculous.

"Thank you. You've been so much help. Really." I gave the night clerk a dirty look as I turned and marched my way out into the rain. A half an hour, three cross-bridges and four turbolifts later, I found myself at the front of the number one Coruscant Mid-Level SkyLight in desparate want of soap with my over-abundance of water, or at least my pajamas and a warm bed. I wouldn't've minded one of those Hawaiian flower necklace thingies, either. It might have at least made me feel like I was on vacation.

The only thing I noted on the shuttle flight there were the guys two rows back that were arguing over going on a Trans-Galactic voyage from a Plural Z sector, whatever that meant. Well, one of the men appeared very distraught over it. The other was hitting on the waitress while ordering the entire wetbar for himself.

I got checked in and a room on the floor with the WAAS party by 0300 local, which was surprising to me given everything I'd been through. I got my shower and after that, I crawled into bed for an almost religious nine hours of sleep. After that, I'd find the Wraiths and Rogues and go shopping before WAAS beat me to it all and passed me by. My chess set remained packed away. Somehow, I knew Piggy would like chess.

Continued in Part 7