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Round Robin
Part Nine
by Kathi

Well! This was certainly going to be....well, interesting.

Okay, so I had hardly ever been outside my nice little nook here in Western PA. I haven't even seen Russia yet, but here I was, boarding a shuttle for another galaxy! Stay calm, Guin, stay calm.

Oh, but how COULD I! I mean, I wasn't just going to ANY galaxy-but the STAR WARS galaxy! And better still, I was told that waiting there, to meet me and escort me to my lodgings would be a certain Captain Garik Loran. As in THE Face. FACE Loran! Oh sigh, oh joy. Hmmm, I wonder if he does look like Goran Visnjic.

I had everything I could possibly need. Books, books and more books to read on the journey there. My luggage, packed with a slew of vintage gowns I somehow had been able to obtain. And a two very special dresses made just for me by a very talented seamstress and friend.

The shuttle docked on a landing pad. Now, it was one thing to look at Coruscant on the big screen. It's QUITE another to see it in real time. Bumbling, gawking tourists pushed past me, along with jaded, been there done that types. Droids were throwing out suitcases and trunks willy-nilly. Dammit. If this service loses my luggage I'll....I'll....

"Excuse me? Guinastasia Balan?"

I spun around, and my jaw dropped, my tongue flopping against my knees practically. Standing there, in full dress uniform, was the most gorgeous human being I had ever seen. He DID look like Goran Visnjic!!!

"Captain Garik Loran, at your service, Mi'lady!"

Oh....this was going to be fun....

Continued in 10