World 3 Pilot-Worship

Investigators are baffled by the discovery of pilot-worshipping cults on World 3 (AKA Terra). These cults, going by names such as, WEB, and WAAS, predate the current contact with the outer galaxy, and in fact this worship of New Republic pilots has been going on for two and a half decades.

Citizen George Lucas seems to be responsible for the uproar. Hailed by many as a "god-king," Lucas has dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel of Wedge (as well as other known figures in galactic history). Commander Antilles features in three of his four 'movies' about the galactic rebellion, and a series of books concerning his further exploits are best-sellers. It is these books, in fact, that seem to have sparked the devotion to our greatest pilot-- and have drawn the attention of New Republic Intelligence.

General Airin Cracken, head of NR Intelligence, has dispatched Wraith Squadron to find and detain Mr Lucas for questioning. Heads of the various World 3 states have been contacted, and although all disavow knowledge of Lucas' whereabouts or activities, they all seem familiar with the exploits set forth in his movies. "We need to know who's leaking this information," General Cracken told reporters. "There's no way they should know all of these things, yet they do. We need to see how big the security breach is and close it immediately."

Cult leaders have vowed to defend Lucas with, if not their lives, then at least their 'sacred drool buckets'. And force knows that Wraith Squadron doesn't need that flying at them.

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