Obi-Wan Kenobi was a Hutt Love-Slave

In the latter days of the Old Republic, 20,000 Jedi Knights roamed the galaxy, defending the innocent and defiling the willing. One of the greatest among them, Obi-Wan Kenobi, was rumored to have gone into hiding on Tatooine during the rise of the Empire. New evidence suggests, however, that the rough and ready Jedi found his calling among less savory characters than Sand People.

Ruins of a palace on Nal Hutta show murals of a handsome young man dancing for a Hutt ruler. The image is strikingly similar to that of Jedi Kenobi only a few years earlier. Local lore says that a breathtaking dancer performed at the palace, delighting guests with his mind games, most especially the infamous disappearing loincloth trick.

Older Hutts recall a small, green being that travelled with Kenobi and often danced on the main stage of the Palace. Might this be Jedi Master Yoda, and if so, what mission brought him to Nal Hutta? What could have possessed these once great Jedi to debase themselves so... debasefully? We may never know.

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