Rogue Squadron Interview: 3

For the past two weeks, Rogues Janson and Klivian have managed to hide Kuna from their straight-laced commander. What will happen if he is found?

Janson: Ok, duck down. Further. Good boy.

Times: maidudif

Cmdr. Wedge Antilles: Alright, we're going to run training program 0951. *opens simulator* JANSON!

Janson and Klivian: *muffled giggles*

Antilles: Get this mangy toy out of here!

Times: urt. *bares teeth*

Antilles: Terribly sorry, simple mistake, anyone could have made it, please put your claws away.... JANSON!

Janson and Klivian: *hide*

Antilles: Fake Ewoks! Real Ewoks! You're going to put in the nuthouse with Fey'lya! Get him out of here!

Janson: *whining* But Weeeddggge....

Antilles: Now!

Times: Buu Wehhhhhhd....

Antilles: NOW!

Times: Yu no fun.

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