Horoscopes for May 6 - 13

Taurus: It's too late tonight to drag the past out into the light, so sleep on it and talk it over when you feel calmer.

Gemini: Love is hard and love is tough, but love is not what you're thinking of, Gemini. Take a long hard look at what you're doing before you hurt someone.

Cancer: People say that you're pulling away, but you're really just looking inside. You're just trying to find a decent melody-- a song that you can sing in your own company.

Leo: You have to face up to what's going on. The news may be hard to take, but you can't close your eyes and make it go away.

Virgo: Everything seems confusing, but under a blood-red sky, all will be black and white.

Libra: You won't be alone much longer, Libra, but when love comes to town, you've got to be ready to catch that plane.

Scorpio: Don't move, don't talk out of time, don't think. Don't worry, everything's just fine.

Saggitarius: You might want to reach out and touch the flame, but you should contact the fire marshal before you do anything like that.

Capricorn: Times are rough, but don't lose faith. Through the storm you'll reach the shore, and the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

Aqaurius: Sometimes you have to realize that you can't do the impossible.. You've run and you've crawled, but you still can't scale the city walls. Give it up already!

Pisces: Though the poison rain brings a flood of fear, you can't let that rule your life. Get out and enjoy the lovely Coruscant weather.

Aries: It's time for you to cut loose and have some fun, and go where the bright lights and the big city meet.

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