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Happy Birthday, Dia!
by Ili

"Do I have to?" ask the plaintive male voice.

"Yes." replied a very firm Ili-sounding voice.

&uqot;But...But...but...can't I just say it without....all this?"

"Nope, go on, she's not getting any younger." the Ili sounding voice was starting to sound tired of the whiny male one.


"No buts! Go! The sooner you get it done, the sooner I'll let you get back to what you were doing."

" *sigh* "

Ili shook her head at Tycho's reluctance and pointed unswervingly at the door. "Go...and be thankful I didn't make you do anything worse." She put on her plotting face which she knew had put fear in the heart of Wedge even. Tycho blanched and nodded, replying somewhat meekly, "Okay, okay, I'm going, I'm going." With that, the blonde pilot shuffled out of the room.

Ili gritted her teeth, "Don't shuffle, glide! At least pretend you're happy or I'll make you kiss Corran! With _tongues_ even!"

Tycho yelped softly and forced himself to glide, smiling for all he was worth as he went into the other room.


A few moments later, Diamond was greeted with the shock of her life as a very smiling, very gliding, very embarrassed Tycho Celchu entered the room and stood in front of her, posing for a moment for the full effect to sink in. He was dressed in pink ballet shoes, pink tights, a pink tutu and leotard, was carrying a pink wand with a star on the end and streamers trailing from it, had glitter sprinkled liberally all over him, and had pink butterfly wings strapped to his back -- not to mention the fantastic pink blush all over his body. Didn't know a guy could blush like that. Taking a deep breath, he began to dance around the room very sugar plum fairy like and sang just for Dia.

"Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Dia!
Happy Birthday to y-.... hey, come back here with that camera!"

With that, Tycho went running like a bat out of hell after Hobbie who was laughing his head off and running for his life, carrying the camera tightly clutched in his hands that held the pictures he'd just snapped of Tycho dancing around in that get-up.

Bet I could sell these for a fortune on Ebay thinks Hobbie as he runs even faster from Fairy!Tycho.


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