Fanfic by Ili


The Battle of the Muses
Characters: Tycho, Byron, Ili
Rating: PG
Summary: What do you do when you've got two muses rivaling for your attentions?
Author's Note: I change POVs in this story quite often. First my POV, then Byron's, then Tycho's, and back to me again. It's all written in first person however, and that will also take a bit of getting used to.
Status: In Progress

Chain Reaction: Cloning Wraiths
Characters: Wraiths and Ili
Rating: PG-13
Summary: More clones goodness
Status: In Progress

Cose Ricordato
Characters: Wedge, Hobbie
Rating: PG
Summary: Continuing a bit after "The Midway", Hobbie wonders a few things about the new guy.
Status: Complete

Happy Birthday, Dia!
Author: Ili
Rating: G
Characters: Tycho
Summary: Dia gets a special birthday surprise from Ili and Tycho.
Status: Complete; 3/27/03

The Midway
Characters: Wedge, Hobbie
Rating: PG
Summary: What if Wedge once 'bumped' into Hobbie when they were both kids? This is a "what if" story set mostly when Wedge is around the age of ten. It's probably not canon in the least.
Status: Complete

My Collar
1 * 2 * 3
Pairing: Hobbie/m
Rating: R
Summary: Hobbie's been collared and chained to a wall...but by whom?
Warning: SLASH
Status: Complete

Prodding a Writer
Characters: Ili, Izzy, Wedge!Clones
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ili tries to bribe Izzy into writing fic. Status: Complete

What, No Missing Person Ad?
Characters: Ili, Hobbie, assorted WAASers and pilots
Rating: Summary: Ili gets abducted into the WAAS and she doesn't even get her face on a milk carton.
Warning: Short scene with Borsk in a thong, if this squicks you, skip that part.
Status: Complete

Why The Hell Did I Write This?
Rating: Too High...don't read
Summary: Why do you want a summary, you aren't going to want to read this....
Author's note: I wrote this in a fit of insanity, please don't kill me. Oh yeah, and a blatant rip-off of Glim's Because vignettes...go read them, they're much better than this.
Status: Complete

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