Fanfic: H

Happy Anniversary?
Author: Mish
Pairing: Face/Dia
Summary: Dia comforts Face on an unhappy anniversary
Rating: PG
Warning: SPOILER: Iron Fist
Status: Complete

Happy Birthday, Dia!
Author: Ili
Rating: G
Characters: Tycho
Summary: Dia gets a special birthday surprise from Ili and Tycho.
Status: Complete; 3/27/03

Happy Valentine's Day, WAAS
Author: Chinow Solo-Gemindi
Rating: G
Characters: W-W-T-H
Summary: The fab four sing
Status: Complete; 3/12/03

He's Gone!
Author: Commander Wedge
Characters: Wedge, Wes
Rating: G
Summary: Wedge's lifelong friend has disappeared
Status: Complete

1 * 2 * 3 * 4
Author: Arwen
Rating: PG-13
Characters: the Company of the Ring, Faramir, Denethor, the Rogues, various others
Spoilers: if you can think of a story from G.L. or J.R.R.T., I have a spoiler for it!
Summary: Crossover. Begin with LotR, TTT, "The Departure of Boromir." Change it to Boromir NOT dying, but Aragorn & Co. thinking he is dead and doing the whole waterfall thing. Boromir is picked up at the base of Rauros and carted off to Barad-Dur. Now, watch me turn this into "Star Wars" effortlessly and seamlessly! Boromir PoV.
Status: In Progress

The Holy Proton Torpedo of Andumar
Author: Elizabeth
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Part of the "Monty Python" cycle--The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch
Status: Complete

1 * 2 * 3 * 4
Author: Guinastasia
Rating: R
Characters: Face, OCs
Spoilers: NJO up to Rebel Stand
Summary: An unpleasant task ends with an unexpected surprise for Garik Loran's family
Status: Complete; 3/17/03

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