Fanfic: N

Author: Aggy
Characters: OFC and Wes
Rating: R
Summary: Wes and Selina play on instant-messenger
Status: Complete; 8/17/02

A New Prankster new!
Author: Nic
Characters: Corran, Mirax
Rating: PG
Summary: An innocent prank goes awry
Status: Complete; 2/20/05

Author: Wedge Antilles, Cmdr. Rogue and Wraith Squadrons
Rating: PG 13
Characters: the Fab Four
Summary: Old memories haunt Wedge in his sleep and he seeks comfort from a friend.
Spoilers: Starfighters of Adumar
Status: Complete; 7/09/02

Nights Without a Moon or Star
Author: Glimmer Girl
Pairing: Wedge/Tycho
Summary: At the end of _Wedge's Gamble_ Tycho is imprisoned and accused of treason to Rebellion. He gets a visit from Wedge and they have a little chat about astronomy.
Spoilers: for Wedge's Gamble
Rating: NC-17
Warning: SLASH
Status: Complete

No Other Wish But His
Author: Arwen
Rating: R
Category: Romance, Angst
Characters: Wedge, Luke, various others
Spoilers: the 'Jedi Academy' trilogy and I, Jedi
Summary: Set during Dark Apprentice/ I, Jedi. Wedge reacts to the news that Farmboy's health is less than excellent, has an odd dream, and muses on their past history together. Wedge PoV.
Warnings: SLASH (implied) Status: Complete

Nostalgia - Once More for Old Time's Sake
Author: Paula
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Wes/Shalla
Summary: Wes runs into an old friend on Borleias.
Spoilers: This takes place in Rebel Stand.
Status: Complete; 8/15/02

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep new!
Author: Wedge Antilles
Characters: Wedge, Wes
Rating: PG-13 for possible perceived M/M Slash
Summary: I really cannot say much for that would ruin the story
Status: Complete; 2/20/05

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