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April 29, 2002

Bothan Senator Arrested!

Senator Borsk Fey'lya (R-Bothawui) was arrested last Saturday on charges of assault, theft, and impersonating an officer. Military police arrived at Rogue Squadron Headquarters at 11:32 pm after several squadron members reported seeing an intruder in the corridor. Senator Fey'lya allegedly stole a flightsuit and haircombs belonging to Bothan pilot Asyr Sei'lar in an attempt to infiltrate the HQ. He entered the quarters of Lt Derek Klivian, who apparently recognized him and began to laugh.

Witness reports state that the Senatory became enraged and began to beat Lt Klivian about the head and shoulders, shouting "I'm a Senator! It's a crime to laugh at me!" Police arrived in time to prevent excessive damage to the Senator's ego, and Lt Klivian was escorted to the medical wing for a bacta bath, at his request. Fey'lya's breakdown may be traced to the recent personal attacks on the Senator in the pages of this holomag, which he blames on "a vast X-Wing conspiracy."

The Senator is being held in the Palace, pending psychological evaluation. Flowers and cards may be sent via the Bothan Embassy. Please do not send weapons.

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