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November 5, 2001

How to Spend the Last Days!
Part Two

With only two days until the End of the Galaxy, there's no time to waste if you want a good seat. So pack your bags and catch the next shuttle to one of our
Top Five Places to Be at the End

5. The roof of Building 681, Obroa-Skai. This, the tallest building on the library world, boasts a rooftop conservatory with the largest collection of non-carnivorous flowers in the galaxy. Building 681 also has the only complete collection of Alderaanian flora. Wander smoth the beauty of the galaxy before it all dies in a flaming ball of agony.

4. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. This infamous noshery has built a reputation on providing its clientel with an excellent view of the End of the Universe. Settle back and enjoy their wonderful house musicians before you "meet the meat," a practice so scandalous that the Old Republic repeatedly tried to have it outlawed. Wash down their delicious roast nerf and taun-taun jerky with a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, a drink so lethally strong that the Old Republic repeatedly tried to outlaw it as well. Use the PGGB to knock yourself out and enjoy a painless exit to the afterlife.

3. The Dune Sea. Long feared for its unforgiving landscape and ferocious inhabitants, this sandy spot on Tatooine provides an uninterrupted view of the night sky. Wrap yourself in a genuine batha-hide blanket and enjoy the cool desert evening as the stars twinkle and the dewbacks sing and the Sand People use you for target practice. A word of advice-- don't buy concessions from the Jawas; their sausage-inna-bun will kill you sooner than the implosion.

2. World 3, System S. Enjoy the natural beauty of this splendid little planet. From the rainforests in the southern hemisphere to the plains and prairies in the west, this planet has a climate to suit any galactic adventurer. Beware of the natives-- suspicious and proto-sapient, these warlike humans are eager to bomb themselves-- and anyone else on-planet-- back into barbarism. While there, express yourself through crop art, a favorite pastime of visitors to World 3. Garunteed to make the natives scratch their heads.

1. Corellia. This jewel in the galaxy's crown has long been a favorite vacation spot and home to many heroes of both the Old and New Republics. Enjoy the nightlife in Coronet City and get yourself an authentic pirate tattoo in Treasureship Row, but beware of the Diktat! Still not friendly to the New Republic, the government might decide to toss you into the clink-- and that's not where you want to spend your last night!

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